Artifacts and Language Studies

The Michigan Artifacts, Burrows Cave – Illinois, Los Lunas – New Mexico, Ohio, Tennessee, West Virginia, Iowa, and Artifacts of other North American locations are showcased here.

Artifacts and Language studies are a passion of mine. I am seeking others who also share the passion of reading foreign and ancient languages. I read the scriptures in the simplified character set of Chinese. As a hobby, I study ancient Egyptian, Hebrew, Phoenician, Proto-Canaanite and Native American symbols. What do you like to study? Do you want to help? Let me know.

For artifacts to study are the artifacts from Michigan, Illinois, Tennessee, New Mexico, and other locations in the United States. The majority of the artifacts in this study most people have never heard of. The complete studies of this section are likely to span over many years.

Language Studies

If the Book of Mormon is a true record of history, then the unique words with no meaning in English should have ties to the ancient dictionaries – and they do. The matches of these words to the Egyptian dictionaries are just astonishing.

Algonquin, Coptic, Hebrew Bible Comparison Project is at the Artifact Research Institute.

Caractors Document

Information on the Caractors Document

North American Artifacts Potentially Related to the Book of Mormon

Warning: It is taught in other known LDS platforms that the artifacts depicted here are all fraudulent. My findings say otherwise. You cannot have all of these artifacts as intertwined linguistically as they are and be a fraud. Reformed Egyptian exists. It exists in the artifacts from Michigan. Hebrew that has been changed exists. It is found in the artifacts of Michigan, Indiana / Illinois, Ohio, Tennessee, and New Mexico. All of these lands have produced artifacts with Hebrew writings on them.

My findings:

  • Some Michigan artifacts of the Milton Hunter collection are frauds. But most are authentic. The writings prove it.
  • Some Burrows stones are frauds, but the ones acquired from Russell Burrows or Bev Mosely direct are authentic. The writings prove it.
  • The Bat Creek Stone – found in a Smithsonian dig – is Hebrew and writes out YHW – consistent with the Michigan and Burrows writings. The YHW content of this small sample of writing actually indicates authenticity – not the reverse.
  • The Los Lunas Decalogue stone was known for decades prior to being deciphered. It is the 10 commandments in Hebrew. Fraud?
  • The pattern here is established.

Incidentally, I have a master’s degree, have read the Book of Mormon in Chinese, and study Egyptian, Hebrew, and Phoenician. My Bachelor’s degree was in Chinese.

Hebrew speaking people lived in what is now the United States of America. The evidences are overwhelming.


Michigan Artifacts – See images from the Michigan Historical Center taken while still in the possession of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Also includes images I took in the Michigan Historical Center with permission under supervision.
Found by on shore of Lake Huron – Looks like Demotic Egyptian.

Illinois / Indiana

Learn about the story and see the artifacts at the Burrows Cave Stones page.

West Virginia

The Grave Creek Tablet

An Adena artifact found in a mound during an official dig – potentially Jaredite writings.


Bat Creek Stone
Click here for more information on The Bat Creek Stone.
The Chatatta Wall
Compare the writings to the John Whitmer Caractors Document and you will see many similarities. This is probably early Nephite writings as the Caractors document was likely transcribed from the Small Plates of Nephi and therefore represents a Judaic Demotic Egyptian as opposed to a Reformed Egyptian as most people consider it to be. The Chatata Wall Near Chattanooga


Image from the Johnson Humrickhouse Museum where the artifacts our housed. The box has the 10 Commandments in Hebrew etched on it.
An inscription in the Ohio Valley representing either Proto Hebrew or Phoenician. For the Fortification.


The Davenport Stones

Photograph taken during a visit to the Putnam Museum in Davenport, Iowa. Artifact found in an 1820 dig in Iowa. Appears to be a cremation scene. Could be Jaradite. Academics generally believe it is of modern make, others not so certain.

New Hampshire

Ring found by a Metal Detector

Southwestern States

Los Lunas Decalogue Stone translates as Hebrew for the Ten Commandments. Located near Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Found throughout many of the southwestern states. Read about the Mystery Glyphs here.