Caractors Document

Shared by John Hajicek on Facebook. This digeurotype belongs to him.

obtained this digeurotype photograph of the Caractors document. This is a real good find as it adds to the clarity of some images which are more worn on the more commonly seen photograph of the artifact.

According to Rachel Killebrew who works as a curator of the museum for the Community of Christ Church, the Joseph Smith papers project employed 15 handwriting analysts to determine the author. The project today ascribes the document to be penned by John Whitmer. It is not the Anthon Transcript as many people like to go on podcasts and speak in conferences proclaiming it to be. Not only is it John Whitmer’s writing, it has no translation as the Anthon Transcript had.

Joseph Smith was prohibited from showing Mormon’s record to anyone prior to the vision of the three witnesses, and then it was shown by the hand of the angel and they testified of this to the world. There is question as to what the eight witnesses were shown, some believe it was the Small Plates of Nephi and some say it was Mormon’s record. I have not made a conclusion on this as others have.

There is only one scenario that makes sense as to why this document even exists – particularly as it is not Joseph Smith’s hand that produced it. That one scenario is that it came from the Small Plates of Nephi, and that the Small Plates of Nephi did not hold the restriction of showing others as Mormon’s record had. Joseph must have shown it to John Whitmer as he served as a scribe in the translation process. John probably asked if he could right this stuff down and Joseph Smith allowed it.

Knowing that it is from the Small Plates of Nephi is a game changer in the translation. It means that it was written in the language Nephi wrote in the language of the Egyptians after the manner of the Jews.

If you want to know the translation, it has been already translated. The translation is found in your Book of Mormon. If you want to know which verses, you could figure it out. But you will have to make it a matter of prayer and intense study.

For me, this document has done one thing. It has proven to me in a physical manner that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. I already knew it from the spiritual witness. But when things are manifested physically, it changes you. I cannot unsee what I have seen. I KNOW THAT JOSEPH SMITH WAS AND IS A PROPHET OF GOD. That cannot be taken from me.

The Book of Mormon teaches of Jesus Christ. His teachings are the same in the Bible and the Book of Mormon. The spirit of Christ is found in its pages. It is up to us to apply the teachings in a way that brings about a good in the world.

Artifact belongs the the Community of Christ Church in Independence Missouri.
From the Joseph Smith Papers Project
Screenshot from the Joseph Smith Papers Project.