The Michigan Artifacts

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Michigan History Center Images

In June, 2017, I made a prearranged trip to the Michigan Historical Museum in Lansing, Michigan. There I met up with Eric Perkins who is responsible for overseeing the Soper and Savage Collections. Eric was very helpful. He pulled out many artifacts from the museum storage boxes and allowed me to photograph them. We did not successfully photograph the entire collection. That would have taken for more time than we had. Nevertheless, this here is what I was able to photograph in high resolution. He did verbally authorized me to place the images online.


Michigan Script Dictionary

Sample of Images

Christ on the Cross. Word “murdered” matches to the Ten Commandments artifact below proving artifact is authentic.
Artifact potientially depicting what appears to be the story of Ammon with King Lamoni.
Potentially depicting Alma, Ammon, Aaron, Omner and Himni.


This publication was put together by Rudolph Etzenhouser in 1910.

Publication – PDF of Engravings of Prehistoric Specimens by Rudolph Etzenhouser.

Click here to view the images: Engravings of Prehistoric Specimens

Artifact of the 10 Commandments which was very useful in language decipherment.