Geography and Archeology

Much of the year of 2022, I spent working on the first three categories of this website – Jesus Christ, Joseph Smith, and the Book of Mormon. In 2023, I will focus on the sections of Geography, Archeology, and Language studies. As 2023 unfolds, I hope you will enjoy the things I will be able to present to you.

Archeology and Geography: The Controversy of Where the Book of Mormon Took Place

There are three primary camps of people who like to proclaim their knowledge of where the Book of Mormon took place. And while I would like to say that my view is right, I recognize that all three camps dig in their heels and have their rational reasoning for believing why their camp is correct. I shall dispense from contentions in this website and invite all to enjoy learning from each other. In this collection, I will teach a model that is focused on North America. There are other locations on the internet where you can go to learn models of Meso-America, South America, or other variant North America models.

The teachings of archeology and geography pale in importance to the teachings of Jesus Christ and the teachings of prophets in the Book of Mormon. The sweet spirit of Jesus Christ is found in reading and studying the book. That sweet spirit combined with the whisperings from the Holy Ghost testify to the truthfulness of the book. The process of receiving knowledge from God is a wonderful experience. All who have studied the Book of Mormon with a sincere heart and true intent know what I am talking about. May we never contend over the teachings of Archeology and Geography. But instead, let us share our thoughts with love and gratitude hoping that you will be strengthened by our research and findings. I and many of my friends have received numerous special impressions that are very sacred to us as we have pursued this work. In fact, some parts of the work shall remain unpublished due to the sacredness of what we have seen and experienced.

Below is an interesting article written by David Allan:

Where Did The Book Of Mormon Really Take Place, and Does It Matter?

A Proposed Geography in the United States

Proposed Map of Book of Mormon Landmarks

The Proposed Routes of Lehi and Mulek

The Location of the Ancient City of Zarahemla

The Location of the Zarahemla Temple – Wilford Woodruff

The Location of the Ancient City of Antionum and the Land of Jershon

The Location of the Ancient City of Ammonihah

The Location of the Ancient City of Manti

Cumorah and the Joseph Smith Papers

Cumorah is in New York – Brigham Young

Cumorah is in New York – Lucy Mack Smith

Cumorah is in New York – Oliver Cowdery

Cumorah is in New York – Joseph Fielding Smith

Encounter with a Traveller Heading to Cumorah – David Whitmer

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Is the Hill Cumorah in a Land of Many Waters?

Samuel Kirkland Teaches of Ancient War Near Cumorah

Governor DeWitt Clinton Tells of Ancient Forts Surrounding Cumorah

Chronology of LDS Thought on the Location of Cumorah

LDS Scriptures Identifying the Book of Mormon Lands

1 Nephi 13 – The Land Given to the Seed of Lehi

1 Nephi 22 – A Mighty Nation Among the Gentiles

2 Nephi 10 – A Land of Liberty

Ether 2 – Serve Him or Be Swept Off

Ether 13 – The Land of the New Jerusalem

Doctrine and Covenants 28 – Zion on the Borders by the Lamanites

Doctrine and Covenants 30 – Build up My Church Among the Lamanites

Doctrine and Covenants 57 – The Land of Promise

Doctrine and Covenants 125 – Zarahemla

Doctrine and Covenants 128:20 – Cumorah

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Archeological Mounds in North America

Notes on the Adena and Hopewell

Elephants Among People in Ancient North America

Video on the Newark Earthworks

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