The First Landing of the Family of Lehi

We don’t really have a whole lot about exactly where the family of Lehi would have landed. What we really have is two things.

1. The expeditions of Phillip Beale demonstrate not only the plausibility of, but in fact the most likely route that Lehi would have taken. Lehi most likely sailed around Africa and then took the trade winds north to Florida. This may in fact be the only possible route he could have taken to the new world given the technologies of simple tools and logs beginning from what was most likely Yemen

“The trade winds were pushing us right across the Atlantic” – Philip Beale in above interview.

2. The United States archeological record of the Deptford Phase shows human activity around Florida near the time period of about 600 BC. In fact, this is the earliest location of the Hopewell found on the North American continent. The Hopewell – which will be covered in other articles – are a strong fit for the Book of Mormon people known as the Nephites. For more information on the Deptford Phase, there is a good write up on Wikipedia –