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Purchase the Gold Plate Membership by making a $25 per month recurring donation.

Gold Plate Membership gives you access to our monthly zoom meeting the second thursday of every month to learn about our research and give your voice on how to help. Membership also entitles to your a free artifact replica when the replicas become available – estimated of March 2024.

Help us to make a proper showing at the home of the owner of artifacts where we will use resources to photograph and forensically analyze Burrows Cave Stones. We also need resources to work on the translations of these artifacts. We need money to send David Hocking, David Allan, Brian Nettles, and others on in home visits to various locations to teach the restored gospel of Jesus Christ in a way never seen before. We will visit the Native American Lands. We need your help.

For large donations, please contact Brian Nettles at 520-373-3224.

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