Archeological Mounds in North America

In 1881, Congress commissioned the Smithsonian Institute to survey the mounds of the lands of the United States.[Robert Silverberg, The Mound Builders, page 131] This map is the results of that commission.

Pay attention to groupings as it may give hints as to where ancient Nephite and Lamanite settlements once existed.

One other thing to note would be that fact that this map does not differentiate mound types. Mounds typically fell into one of the following groups:

  • Burial Mounds – small bumps in the ground due to a burial to large sized burial mounds.
  • Effigy Mounds – mounds shaped like an animal.
  • Defensive Berms
  • Ceremonial Complexes – Large berms creating shapes like squares and circles and pathways perhaps for religious purposes.
  • Conical Mounds – which often were burial mounds also – particularly with the Adena / Jaredite.
  • Platform Mounds – post date Book of Mormon timeframe. Example would be Cahokia.
  • There are also a good number of Hebrew Temple Mounds that are typically parts of Ceremonial Complexes. These look almost like a square with ramps that do not have stairs.

Ancient Monuments of the Mississippi Valley

The original book Ancient Monuments of the Mississippi Valley was written by Ephraim G. Squire and Edwin H. Davis in June 1847. Squire and Davis were commissioned by the Smithsonian to survey mounds. This book if the result of this work. Here I will simply include the survey maps of several mounds for you to look at. There are many things you can glean from by looking at these images. Below this collection of maps, I also have pictures I have taken of mounds during visits to the areas.

Map of Mounds in Scioto Valley including Chillicothe, Ohio – 1847.

Fort Hill, Highland County, Ohio – A Place of Resort, 1846

Paint Creek with Ceremonial Structures and Area of Resort in Ohio – surveyed 1847.

Conical Mound in Ohio

Ancient Stone Works in Ross County, OH Surveyed 1847.

Most popular of all Earthworks. Independent papers written by John Lefgren and Rod Meldrum proclaiming this to be where Christ visited the Nephites in Bountiful.

Lots of defensive berms in the shape of a half circle.

Fort Ancient is currently a state park with a Museum. Most likely served as an area of resort and possibly a village.

Fortification creates a killing field to the enemy.

Marietta Works in Ohio. Notice the two Hebrew style temple mound platforms.
Hebrew Temple Structures found in North and Central America
Hanukkia Earthworks in Ohio. Shows a menora, oil lamp, compass, and square symbols.
Serpent Mound in Ohio

Photographs I have Taken of Mounds and Berms

Defensive berm on persons property near Nauvoo close to bridge to Fort Madison.
Defensive berm near Duncan Mills Illinois.
Defensive Berms near Havana, Illinois.
Mounds State Park in Indiana
Fort Ancient – Ohio
View from Fort Ancient – an area of resort.
Seip Earthworks, Ohio
Outside of the Great Circle of the Newark Earthworks