Michigan Artifacts Comparing Righteousness from Wickedness

I see it over and over. Everybody claims this means “Son on the Right Hand” and “Son on the Left Hand”. However, the symbol for son in something else – not part of these two symbols. Also, the image is used with Miriam and the daughter of the Egyptian Pharaoh. Please stop referring to these two symbols with the wrong definition.

The symbols for righteousness verses wickedness are found very plainly in several artifacts. It is a symbol that includes the ancient middle kingdom Egyptian word for heaven with either two strokes on the left or two strokes on the right. If the strokes are to the right of heaven, it is as being on the right hand of God.

Another prominent author proclaimed these symbols to be “Son on the Right Hand” and “Son on the Left Hand”. While the deeper meaning is the same, I reject this notion of it referring to a son. The context of the righteous and the wicked works very well.

You can also compare the symbol for Heaven in the Book of Abraham Facsimile 1 Fig. 11 – Book of Abraham Facsimile 1. Are you surprised that Joseph Smith was correct?

Righteous or Righteousness.
Unrighteous or unrighteousness.
Eve partook of the fruit and she was not righteous. Her and Adam were kicked out of the garden as they had been wicked.
MIriam is Righteous. The Daughter of the pharaoh is not according to this artifact.
Symbol for “Son” is placed next to the three sons of Noah.
Son in the Michigan Script