Michigan Script Dictionary

Phonetic n used in the name Noah. Used to represent speech, talk, message, teach, and messenger (or angel).
Phonetic M. Used often to indicate Moses. Now I have examples where it may mean Mormon. It is all contextual.
Phonetic Y. Used in the name Japeth. More commonly used for Yahweh or God.
Phonetics unknown. Called or named.
Phonetic SH for Shabot (Sabbath). Also used for don’t.
Phonetic CH or gutteral H for Ham. Also seems to be used for don’t.
The Bar of God or The Law of God.
Before. Used in the First Commandment.
Sentence particle to pull words together – is the one who. Symbol is as used in Middle Kingdom Egyptian.
Bird drinking from cup is used to indicate suffering of some sort. The atonement of Christ is one example. Another example could be defeat in war. Third would be suffering for your sins.
Blessed. Also used in Blessed Father and Blessed Mother.
To Command or To Make. Used for Ten Commandments. Also used in Caractors document for same meaning. Derived from Demotic reading bottom to top as IR which translates to “to make” or “to do”.
Earth or Rock. Found in Chicago Demotic Dictionary defined as Stone with phonetics of TY.
To eat or to bite.
All searching eye of God, to see or to look upon.
Father. This is written left to right. It should be reversed order right to left.
Egyptian horned serpent symbol. Preposition He. In artifacts is also seen used as They.
Hooked X appears to be the letter A or a variant of a Hebrew Aleph.
Egyptian symbol for house or container. Used in the Michigan script with the same meanings. Also used to refer to Noah’s ark.
Sometimes means Jehovah, Sometimes means People of God.
To Kill or Murder.
Labor, make, or build. This is the symbol in the Ten Commandments. Usually it is depicted as the drawing of an arm with hand in an L shape.
Land or Phonetic L. Also used to represent Lamanite.
Tree with fruit. Used in Garden of Eden artifact to represent the fruit of the tree.
Salvation, to save. I use to define it to mean life – a variant to the cross. But the more I consider, to save or salvation fits more in the context of how it is used throughout the artifacts.
Mother – This is written left to right. It should be reversed order right to left.
Nothingness, Vanity, Invisible cross roads.
Remember. This symbol is on the Caractors document, the Burrows Stones, and the Michigan Relics. I have concluded this symbol represents the Hebrew word Zakor which means remember. The Y is a Phoenician Zayin. The upper arc to the left is a Demotic Kaph and it rounds out as a Hebrew Resh (as used in the Burrows Stones).
Righteous or Righteousness. The symbol to the left is heaven in Egyptian. I see this as similar to the right hand of God.
Unrighteous or unrighteousness. The symbol to the right is heaven in Egyptian. I see this as similar to the left hand of God.
Ruler, Ruling, Shepherd.
Son, child, children.
The sun. Seems to indicate that it is something sacred and great. It is used to indicate the First Fruits. Seems to be used to indicate the greatness of Elohim.
To turn. Used in the serpent on the cross artifact. This symbol is not cross referenced anywhere.
Egyptian symbol for water. Sometimes used as water but more commonly used to mean the preposition β€œto” – which is one way it is used in Egyptian.
The Way, Caused.


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