Hermounts – An Egyptian Language Connection

Hermounts is another Book of Mormon words which appears to have a real good tie to the Egyptian Language. The ties to Egyptian should be of no surprise to anyone who researches the book.

  • 1 Nephi 1:2 tells us that Nephi wrote in Egyptian.
  • Mosiah 1:4 tells us that the Brass Plates were written in Egyptian.
  • Mormon 9:32 tells us that Mormon wrote the Gold Plates in a Reformed Egyptian.


Alma 2:37 Yea, they were met on every hand, and slain and driven, until they were scattered on the west, and on the north, until they had reached the wilderness, which was called Hermounts; and it was that part of the wilderness which was infested by wild and ravenous beasts.

The name Hermounts may also have ancient Egyptian roots. HR means to be pleased, content, or at peace. The second part is not a direct lingustic match; however, it is close. MANW means western mountains – consistent with its western location from Zarahemla. TSh is in the Demotic Dictionary meaning “boundary”. It is possible that Hermounts may be Egyptian for “the peaceful mountain boundary”.

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