Video – Brian Nettles Proves Legitimacy of the Language of the Michigan Artifacts

During this zoom conference, Brian Nettles goes over the reconstruction of the language of the Michigan Artifacts. For Book of Mormon enthusiasts, the video ends with a real shocker. A smoking gun for the Book of Mormon.

Video – Wayne May and the Dating of the Earliest Michigan Artifacts

Caractors Document – And it Came to Pass

Summary: This document is not intended to provide proof that the Caractors document represents snippets of scripture found in the Book of Mormon.  It is intended to bring out supporting documentation which supports this hypothesis. The Caractors Document contains the words used to translate “it came to pass” on four occasions.  Each version of “it […]

Translating the Book of Mormon into Afrikaans

I learned this story from David Allen, the creator of the scientifically known Allen Variants and author of the book “Its About Time”. This article is taken directly from his own website at The magic of phrasing is appreciated by a linguist, and our story begins with a gifted linguist back in 1971 when […]

How to Effectively Live the Gospel of Jesus Christ Every Day

This talk was delivered on January 30, 2020 by my friend DJ Borst. He gave me permission to use this talk here. I find this to be a very interesting topic. I am grateful for the opportunity to study and prepare in order to deliver this talk to you today. It is by interesting circumstances […]

The Location of the Ancient City of Zarahemla

Any time I talk about the location of Zarahemla, I usually begin with Doctrine and Covenant section 125:3. 3 Let them build up a city unto my name upon the land opposite the city of Nauvoo, and let the name of Zarahemla be named upon it. Now keep this in mind. The Lord does not […]

Joseph Smith’s First Vision

One source document for the story of Joseph Smith and his first vision was published in the Time and Seasons in 1842. I have transcribed the text of the original Times and Seasons publication and I have attempted to retain all grammar, punctuation, and misspellings of the original document. History of Joseph Smith Owing […]

The Ancient Cities of Antionum and Jershon

An assumption of many Heartlanders of the Book of Mormon is that Zarahemla is in the location mentioned in Doctrine and Covenants 125.  D&C 125:3 Let them build up a city unto my name upon the land opposite the city of Nauvoo, and let the name of Zarahemla be named upon it. The Book of […]

The Location of Ancient City of Manti

The Meaning of the Word Manti The name Manti has a good match from the Chicago Demotic Dictionary. For meaning, it means porter, doorkeeper, or night watchman. Evidently Manti may have been a strategic location to prevent intruders from entering a portion of the western portions of the Nephite lands. The Location of the City […]

The Name “Book of Mormon” in Reformed Egyptian

There is not much that we have from the Gold Plates of what exactly the Reformed Egyptian of the Book of Mormon looked like. The writings from Michigan are possibly the language that Mormon used to write the history of the Nephite Nation. I do testify that the writings from the Michigan Artifacts are indeed […]

The Third, Fourth, and Sixth Commandments from Michigan Relics

Since 2017, I have spent a considerable amount of time researching the language of the Michigan Relics.  The goal of my research was specifically to determine if the language was decipherable and if the language was consistent among the artifacts.  I also spent some time learning Middle Kingdom Egyptian, but by no means have I […]

Translating the Serpent on the Cross

The last write up I did in Ancient American magazine was published in the Volume 22 Issue Number 121. The article was entitled ​The Third, Fourth, and Sixth Commandments from Michigan Relics​. To start, I am providing here a dictionary of symbols deciphered using the first, third, fourth, fifth and sixth commandments as derived from […]

Michigan Script Dictionary

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