This page describes the mission of the organization Book of Mormon Heartland Inc.

The mission of the organization is threefold:

  1. Bring people closer to Jesus Christ.
  2. Validate the legitimate historicity of the Book of Mormon.
  3. Teach our findings to the world.

The Statement of Affairs for Book of Mormon Heartland is as follows:

  1. Create podcasts which promote the legitimacy of the Book of Mormon and bring people closer to Christ.
  2. Conduct in-home seminars which promote the historical legitimacy of the Book of Mormon and teach people about Jesus Christ.  
  3. Conduct in-home seminars on Native American lands to promote the teaching that they are of the House of Israel.
  4. Photograph and study ancient American artifacts found in North America.
  5. Perform translations of ancient artifacts and publish findings in multiple publishing platforms.


Validating and Translating the Burrows Stones

We are working with the owner of a very large collection of Burrows Cave Stones. We desire to validate the legitimacy from a scientific standpoint and hope to do the following:

  1. Photograph all objects – some 3D ready.
  2. Perform a microscopic scan of many objects with the intent of determining the source of the engraving tool.
  3. Have a Forensic Geologist analyze the stones.

Brian Nettles has already performed many translations of the stones. Now we need these legitimize the artifacts using the highest level of scientific techniques available today within a reasonable and rational budget.

Expected cost: $10,000 for the first event. Second event will happen later in the year.

Create Numerous Podcasts

There is so much information that needs to be put out to validate the legitimate historicity of the Book of Mormon. We need to pay a small staff to create the necessary podcasts to properly tell, package and push the testimony of the Book of Mormon out to the world.

Expected cost: $10,000.

Fund In-home visits to the Native American Lands and Other Locations

Allow David Hocking, David Allan, Brian Nettles, and others to go onto the Native American Lands and teach the people that they are of the House of Israel and about the promises given to the Lamanites in the latter days.

Expected Cost: $10,000.

Support the Translation of Ancient Artifacts

Allow the translator to work full time for a period of 6 months to finish the translations of the Burrows Stones and the Artifacts of Michigan.

Expected cost: $30,000.

To Donate

Contact Brian Nettles at 520-373-3224. Email at admin@bookofmormonheartland.com.