The Mound Builders

Notes about the Adena and Hopewell I will do my best to make this an objective posting rather than a posting that just fits my narative. For years now, I have listened to certain groups claiming the Adena to be the Jaredites and the Hopewell to be the Nephites. This hypothesis might be correct. But […]

Location of the Zarahemla Temple – Wilford Woodruff

I acknowledge that this is not authoritative. I am taking this quote from Facebook from a post written by Rod Meldrum (Author of Book of Mormon Answers). I had heard this before but did not know the source. So these are the words of Rod Meldrum to be verified at a later time. Even if […]

D&C 57 – The Land of Promise

Very short post here. The Land of Promise is designated in these two verses. Is is possible that the term “Land of Promise” means one thing in the Book of Mormon and something else in the Doctrine and Covenants. Doctrine and Covenants 57:1-2 1 Hearken, O ye elders of my church, saith the Lord your God, […]

You Rejected God’s Words

This is another stone from the John White Images of the Burrows Cave stones. It is stone number 74. The stone was taken out of a cave somewhere along the Wabash River in either Indiana or Illinois. Line 1 Read Right to Left. The first ל depicted here as the two vertical strokes. It is […]


Line 1 You got it- סגעת Everything -הכל Both translated values come from Google Translate. Line 2 in the mouth – בעיס and – ו Know – דע Alternative meaning to Know is דעך. Ben Yehuda’s Dictionary states: “to Flicker; be extinguished; on the verge of dying”. Justification for the alternate definition is the dot […]

Recruiting for Mariners

This is another artifact from Burrows Cave found near the Wabash River in the Illinois / Indiana areas. Line 1 Line begins with ל which means “To”. פמ – Short for Open to the Public. The letters פמ are encased in the words for Open or Publicly. כל – all ציא or צי – ציא […]

The Boy Archer

This artifact is another stone from Burrows Cave found in near the Wabash River in either Indiana or Illinois. Red – ילד Boy Yellow – Atm the Mariner Blue – מלאב House of Mela Discussion: Looks like a bad image of a female archer. But the red circle clearly is Boy in Hebrew. And his […]

Leg Bit Off By a Pig

This artifact is another Burrows Cave stone. With proper transliteration, it translates well from Hebrew. The Hebrew word for Leg is רגל. The first two letters are גל. Good Fit. The rest of the translation is made using Google Translate. Drop the values into Google Translate and see if you get the same answers I […]

The Elephants are Coming

This article is about two artifacts from Burrows Cave from the John White Collection of photographs. In the image below, the letter פ is a perfect match to the Phoenician way of writing the letter. The Lamed is inverted. A Phoenician ל can look like our modern latin based L, but here in these artifacts, […]

And Full of Milk

This artifact is very simple depicting a young girl being poured a drink. The side post has the four sacred words followed by a simple message. The transliteration of the vertical post is given below: ו is Hebrew for And. מלא is Hebrew for Full I have a discrepancy on this word for milk. ח […]

This Leviathan Splashed

This is one of my first fun findings. Yet while I call it a finding, there is enough reaching in here that I expect ridicule. So I will lay out what I see and you decide if it sounds correct. In the image, it looks like a whale jumping out of the water and is […]

D&C 30 – Build up My Church Among the Lamanites

Here is another one of the many verses in the Doctrine and Covenants which proclaims that the Lamanites are in the area where the church was being built up. They are in New York at this time. It was originally written in September of 1830 but not published until 5 years later. Doctrine and Covenants […]